Insurance Claims Can Be a Big PAIN

That’s why you need a professional on your team… Someone who can help you get a bigger settlement.

Public Adjusters

…working for YOU! We represent RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL policyholders.

The Gurus Are on Your Side

When you file a claim, the insurance company sends out a claims service representative (insurance adjuster) to assess damages and evaluate the company’s liability for settlement. The insurance company is the business of making money, so it’s in their best interest to minimize the size of your settlement. When you hire a Public Adjuster, it puts you back in control, and you have someone on your team to negotiate the best possible settlement for your insurance claim.
Claims Gurus is a team of very skilled licensed Public Insurance Adjusters, and we help you deal with your insurance claims. We work on behalf of policyholders and contractors to get the best and most fair settlements possible for property loss insurance claims related to hail, wind, fire, flood, earthquake, or any other damage to RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL property. WE MAKE IT OUR MISSION …TO GET A FAIR SETTLEMENT FOR YOU
A public insurance adjuster is a state-licensed professional working on behalf of the policyholder to advocate and negotiate insurance claims. Our fee is earned as a % of proceeds from the settlement only when we secure a successful recovery. Because we understand the insurance industry and claim requirements of specific insurance companies, we can help get the settlement you deserve.
Public Adjuster Results

If your home or property has recently sustained damage, we need to talk!

Red House Hail Damaged

How Does it Work?

File a claim with your insurance company

At first sign of damage, contact your insurance company to file a claim. This gets the ball rolling. Then contact Claims Gurus!

We go to work for you

Providing inspections, documentation, and fair estimates to get the best settlement possible. We handle all phone calls with the insurance company & negotiate on your behalf. Your claim = zero hassle for you.

You get a bigger settlement

With a larger settlement, you get a higher quality restoration. On average the insurance company will offer a settlement that is 40% lower than our estimate. If you take that deal, you may be short on the total cost of repairs. Contact us to get started.

Definition of a Guru:  one who dispels the darkness of ignorance


Definition of a Claims Guru:  one who leads you to bigger settlements

Contractors and property owners agree…

that we know how to get it done!

I have to say I couldn’t believe how much they were able to increase the claims and how prompt at doing so. They took a major stress away from my staff and was able to get me overhead & profit too! I wish I would have known about them sooner. T. Miller

Ronco Construction

Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for helping my family with a new roof. Your guys were courteous and took the time to answer the questions my wife and I had. I really appreciate it. You guys are awesome! I hope I don’t have to call you again. : ) C. Griffin


I got 4 estimates from 4 different contractors. They were so varied that I didn’t know what to do. I contacted Claims Gurus and found out what my restoration project really should cost. It put me on track to make an educated decision on how to proceed. N. Briggs


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