Insurance Claims Don’t Have To Suck

Insurance claims don't have to suck

You’ve already been hit by a storm, a wall of water, a load of hail, or some other damage to your property.

There’s no reason to take on the claims process alone and extend your pain. You and I both know that insurance companies want to minimize their losses.

And one way they do that is to cut corners when it comes to claims settlements. When an insurance company representative is negotiating directly with the homeowner, it’s not uncommon for the homeowner to receive a low-ball settlement offer.

The whole time you may be confused and feel like you’re getting taken advantage of.

Plus, it feels a big waste of time to call the insurance company, be put on hold, get bids from multiple contractors, and try to get the paperwork right.

There is a better way!

Claims Gurus takes the hassle out of claims management, and prepares realistic estimates using the proprietary estimating software that insurance companies love.

Our proven documentation & claims management process puts you back in the driver’s seat and will result a better settlement - guaranteed.

If you have damage, call us first, so we can help.