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Public Adjuster for Commercial Roofing ContractorIf you own a roofing or restoration company that deals with insurance claims, we need to talk.

Partner with us, and we can help grow your business by saving you time on every insurance claim and by increasing the settlement size for your clients.

How do we do this?

We handle the insurance claim process for your clients and prepare detailed, documented Xactimate estimates, in accordance with insurance company expectations.

Did you know… that contractors who do not use estimating software typically do the same job for an average of 25% less than their software using counterparts? PLUS, those who are trained to use the software appropriately can generally add another 15%-20% to the settlement size.

We take the burden of the claim management (hassle) process off of your company and off the shoulders of the policyholder.

There is absolutely zero cost to you. Our fee is earned as a percentage of the settlement.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you make more money and receive faster settlements.

Why is this a great program for you?

Faster Settlements

We settle claims faster, so you get paid sooner

More Time Selling

Let your sales team SELL, while we handle claims

Build Your Business

We love to pass referrals on to our partners

Happier Customers

Larger payouts afford a higher quality end result

Bigger Profits

Bigger settlements mean bigger profits on each job

Minimize Risk

Our licensing keeps claim negotiations above board


A Professional Partner You Can Trust

We breathe insurance claims AND construction. The leadership team at Claims Gurus was born from the construction industry, having worked storm damage and restoration projects since 1999.

We’ve negotiated over $120,000,000 of insurance claims for thousands of clients.

  • Average increase of settlement size using Claims Gurus 56%

Partner with us, and we will help build your business.

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