Claim Representation for Home Owners

Insurance Claim FrustrationWhen you suffer a loss, there’s no reason to go it alone.

Insurance company reps work every day to minimize payouts on claims. Even the most well-respected companies have a duty to keep costs low….

Leaving home owners frustrated and confused and not knowing if they are going to get a good settlement for their insurance claim or even be able to take care of necessary repairs without extra expense.

But, you have a solution available that puts you back in control of your claim and gives you much needed leverage to get enough money to restore your property to the same (or better) condition than it was originally.

When you hire a public adjuster, we work as your advocate with the insurance company, so you get everything you deserve.

We remove the hassle and time spent dealing with your claim… handling the phone calls, the estimates, the documentation, the inspections and everything insurance companies expect.

And…when we’re done…

You end up with a much bigger settlement than you would have received on your own. Guaranteed!

A Team of Experts - At Your Service

We have EXTENSIVE experience working in both the contracting field and the insurance industry, and we know how to present your claim information to the insurance company in a format that gets approved. (The truth is - insurance companies love us too, because we make their job easier.)

Plus… we know how to negotiate for the best settlement possible. It’s not uncommon for the size of your claim settlement to be 30%, 60%, or even 100% higher than it would have been otherwise.

IMPORTANT: Don’t be taken advantage of by shady contractors… Many states have laws against the practice of contractors negotiating insurance claims on behalf of home owners. This can get the contractor in trouble and cause a major delay in the processing of your claim.

The hiring of a professionally-trained, licensed public adjuster will avoid any problems and speed up the claims process.

…And here’s the best part

There is absolutely zero cost out-of-pocket to you and no up-front fees. Our fee is earned as a percentage of the settlement.

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How do we help you?

Bigger Settlement

A bigger payout means a higher quality job

Reclaim Your Time

Live your life, while we handle your claim

Clarity and Advice

Insurance can sometimes be confusing. We simplify

Faster Settlement

We settle claims faster, so the job gets done sooner

You Get Leverage

So you get everything you deserve within the policy

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Mistakes in estimating could cost you big time


The Gurus Are Completely Different

The leadership team at Claims Gurus was born from the construction industry, having worked storm damage and restoration projects since 1999.

We’ve negotiated over $120,000,000 of insurance claims for thousands of clients. In fact, we eat insurance claims for breakfast.

Our Rolodex (yes, we still have one of those) holds an unmatched network of architects, roofers, builders, commercial contractors, insurance adjusters, agents, and others involved in construction and insurance industry.

  • Average increase of settlement size using Claims Gurus 56%

We’re kinda like the team of Avengers… Public Adjusters with super powers.

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